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    {{ Official General Anime/Manga/Fan Fiction Chat #1 }}

    Post  [admin] Fox on Wed Jun 10, 2009 3:36 pm

    Ok, So here you can:

    *request for (a) Fan fictions
    *Ask questions
    *Suggest anime/manga to other members
    *ask for tips
    *Get advice (looks above...)
    *And anything else that has to do with Fan fictions

    Please keep from suggesting anime/Manga Above Lets say.... Middle school age. For now.
    I watch a lot of anime. So I'll know what is what. (along with Manga)

    *OH! and yeah! It doesn't have to be related to anime or manga. It can even be a story you came up with or even a video game. Just in general its anime and manga. (Makes it a bit simpler)

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